Electroplating process in the production of metal buttons
Electroplating process in the production of metal buttons

Electroplating process is each button metal products indispensable important component. (note: today in pursuit of fashion and deft, unsaturated resin buttons and ABS plastic buttons and some use of electroplating process.)

A, according to the types of the plating can be divided into: barrel plating, hanging plating.

1, barrel plating on the metal fastener products cosmetic requirements is not high, its electroplating the surface of metal products is not very bright, and even leave the buttons in the process of polishing surface scratches, but not very obvious. Although also add bright barrel plating, but the overall effect is always hanging plating. Of course roll plating cost is low. Surface or area is not high demand smaller products are suitable for roll plating, such as blow hole, hit nails, five claw buckle, snap button at the bottom of the three is commonly roll plating, etc.

2, hanging plating on the metal buckle products on a higher class product appearance requirements, the third gear such as alloy snap button, alloy buckle, belt buckle, metal chain is commonly hanging plating, etc. Its advantage is not only smooth surface, and can achieve the bright as a mirror. But some double color of color is unable to deal with.

Second, from the aspects of environmental protection can be divided into: nickel plating, nickel plating. Electroplating is color through chemical processing into film, adhesion on the surface of the product of the process. If "nickel" in the electroplating process, will lead to products do not conform to the state environmental protection standards, especially the European and American countries taller to the requirement of no nickel), this is a nickel plating; If no infiltration "nickel" in the process of plating, is no nickel plating. Of course no nickel plating has requirements for raw materials, such as raw materials in itself contains "nickel" ingredients, it can't do without nickel plating. (example: raw materials for iron, because of its containing excessive "nickel" ingredients, so use iron material products can't do without nickel electroplating.)

3, common plating color: green bronze, black, bronze, red bronze, gun color, double color gun black, bright silver, silver, gold, etc.


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