YYNK button: introduction to buttons on the development of common sense
YYNK button: introduction to buttons on the development of common sense

Button may seem very simple, is a byproduct of clothes, but in the thirteenth century button before haven't invented, people's clothes are made with tighten belt or coil. Button just started application at that time, western nobles are made with gold, silver, copper, ivory, even precious stones such as custom buttons, general civilians are swaddled figure of the button, the cloth is modified function is also very important. YYNK button below small make up just to talk to you about the button development of some common sense.

An ordinary clothes, compose the unique design of the button, can show the elegant and noble of insipid in taste. Also for ornamental and collection function buttons.

13th to the 16th century, people started using cheap materials, such as bone, wood, brass, military uniforms are made of copper, iron, tin, etc., and noble or customized rare precious metal buttons.




The middle of the nineteenth century, ladies fashion also began using the button. Japanese porcelain knob popular Europe and the United States.

And 40 s of the 20th century, began to use synthetic material bakelite/celluloid. The 50's has invented the new plastic material.

The second world war, the lack of material, because the cloth button, practical, and noble metal knob, restore popular

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