Good YYNK button | how to purchase the buttons
Good YYNK button | how to purchase the buttons

As a garment industry practitioners, especially garment accessories buyers, it is necessary to understand the knowledge of garment accessories products.

The quality of the button is generally judged by such methods as color fastness to rubbing, uniform shape, good smoothness of demoulding of the button body, flat and smooth cavity, fine workmanship Such buttons are of good quality. Of course, for buttons made of different materials (such as resin buttons and shell buttons), there are different standards to distinguish the quality of buttons. For example, for hardware buttons, many people will weigh them and understand the "gold content".

Is there a more scientific and detailed method to distinguish the quality of buttons?

Button inspection methods, requirements and standards:

1. Control sample or confirmation sample. Check whether the color and model are consistent with the sample;

2. The button surface shall be free of cracks, notches, unevenness and obvious scratches;

3. There is no crack and bubble on the surface and back, no broken edge and uneven thickness;

4. The pattern shall be free from obvious deformation, white eye, white circle and other phenomena;

5. Buttonhole shall be smooth and smooth; needle eye shall be free of perforation and rupture, symmetrical and large eye. If it is a dark eye buckle, the dark eye groove shall be smooth without obvious bursting.

6. After electroplating or other process treatment, the effect should be uniform. If some special effects cannot be consistent, they can be separately packed.

7. The color difference of buttons in the same batch shall not be lower than grade IV standard of gb250 and grade III standard of gb250 compared with the samples.

8. The packaging inspection shall be carried out after the appearance inspection / performance test required by the customer are all qualified. The certificate of conformity or other labels shall be put in the packaging. The quantity of packages shall be in accordance with the regulations, and the actual quantity of each bag shall be in accordance with the regulations. If the thickness is different or the tolerance is exceeded due to other reasons, full inspection shall be carried out.

9. Before delivery, the button shall be tested to test its performance and usability, and the sample of stamping and trial printing shall be provided to the customer.


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