YYNK button | metal button color how to do?
YYNK button | metal button color how to do?

Metal buttons will appear after oxidation discoloration of dark or yellow, and other different from primary, is due to the button comes into contact with salt or acid oxidation of qualitative change, only to plating or injection.

1. Is either for personal use, or replaced. Continue to use different colors, then you can use saline soak, of course, each color will look close to but not all the same (risk).

2. Replace method is more practical, can find brand stores offer (that you don't have to worry about the store said no, because as we production button will provide brand clothing stores, of course, a lot of garment factory will be much order when losses, they can repeat order to us, the key to see if the brand service attentively enough for you to fill the button).

3. If 2 point difficult to achieve can also go to the local complementary makings market, find similar but the same size of buttons, replace all of the whole dress, also can yet be regarded as a wise move.

Don't affect their mood because of a button, change the button replace another Angle to appreciate your clothes, maybe original button is more beautiful than you. Asked the little button is also a university of oh, in the future will be more cherish your own clothes, choose and buy when should pay attention to small details button whether quality in place.

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