YYNK buttons to help you judge clothes
YYNK buttons to help you judge clothes

For a piece of clothing with accessory or adornment, can judge the quality of the clothes from a lot of small details.

1, from the buttons on the cuff can see simple quality, usually if a shirt without cufflinks, on behalf of this suit is only has the lowest standard; Slightly better shirt seam has a button just nailed on the outer fabric (false); Very good a little lower and upper cloth fabric can be respectively, but there is no holes so still not functioning (is); A suit of the highest quality, of course, also can have both functional and beautiful cufflinks button (true).

2, see the inside of the pocket cloth buttons, cloth in order to prevent wear and no short and shirt hanging ceng. With the worst grade without buttons.

3, look at the position of the button, if a dress buttons position before the bosom decorative, so the dress level must be higher. A grain of buttons is details, a garment quality is higher, the higher the value of the details. So no designer will be thousands of yuan of buttons on the clothes for a few cents?

The number of 4, watch button size. An article of clothing on the number of buttons, a grain of grain is decorated, three grain of four more, the dress pay more attention to keep warm. No warm clothes the unit price is low? Also according to the size of the button. Hand sewing button or waist buckle, brooch these? Match the class higher brooch, waist buckle second person. But for a shell pearl diamond buttons, such as the unit price must be expensive. Clothes the positioning of the class must be higher.

5, buttons. Of course this is industry jargon. But with plastic feel delicate, hand-woven class button used clothes are in high price, high grade. In recent years, metal buttons in fur, mink coat no manual buttons instead. Mainly to oxidation and so on.


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