Do you know the classification of the metal button YYNK button belt
Do you know the classification of the metal button YYNK button belt

sewing button

Snap button: the key to female containing a circular shells yellow "O", the application of snap button general provisions according to the compressive strength and strong, such as: golf bag, large items line box, thick jacket, XueYi, clothing, overalls, curtain cloth, car upholstery, cell phone sets, etc. Dimension of the be fond of of this button. Diameter specifications by: 7.5 CM - 20 MM refers to the button surface diameter (MM).

2. Snap: key, it is the female type contains shallow shells yellow, application of spring clasp, moderately rules according to the compressive strength. Europe sales market is more like a button, well-known brands at present stage XueYi jacket, coat, suit, of particular use. Different specifications by 7 mm in diameter - 22 mm.

Two button, five claws are called circle RingSnap, refers to the five claw button, by the pattern and five claws into the hollow, packet five claws, inferior smooth five claws, plastic coated five claws. Commonly used Yu Baobao, children's clothing, t-shirts, casual shirts, clothing or to decorate design with (specifications for surface and the mother is snap button, snap thin). Especially on the baby clothing with very applied, electroplating process, spray painting, and even avoid needle safety regulations.

Three, hit nails on the theory of the vast majority of twill old coarse, and the bag Angle of reinforcement, diameter specifications for: 14 mm - 17 mm (side buckle specifications), hit nail diameter specifications for: 8 mm - 10 mm. The composition of copper surface buckle with diversity, base for copper.

Four, corn/steam eye diameter specifications by 1 mm or less, the yacht is roughly corns, materials made of iron, copper, aluminum, for different commodities, the exterior, modelling design, the compressive strength is not the same. Such as mesh structure, plus tooth and green package lip or quadrangle, hexagonal and respectively for single corns, or add washer or double corns corns. Small specification for electronic equipment, 8 mm diameter specifications - 14 mm light clothing is more common.

Five, trousers hook, in fact, trousers hook style is divided into two major categories, capacitor (male, female, two sewing on the item), and the nail button (if only shows information on the surface of the buckle shape and LOGO). Studs class for regulation is not the same specifications as modelling design very much.

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